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  • 2011 Starts Another Decade of Renaissance Fun

    Posted on January 6th, 2011 admin No comments

    The new decade will bring many new and old Renaissance Fairs throughout the world. Patrons will dress up in Renaissance armor, peasant dresses and peace tie their weapons. Vendors will crowd fields and fairgrounds with medieval food and drinks. Renaissance fairs across the globe are being plotted and planned to offer their visitors the most authentic Renaissance experience.

    As a patron, your main duty is to enjoy yourself. The entertainment and activities is never-ending at the fair. Many people decide to dress the Renaissance part with ornate and unique costumes. Sandals and open-toed shoes are not recommended as most fairs are held in fields and on dirty fairgrounds. Medieval language is often heard floating around the fairs, so make sure you catch up on your thys and thous.

    Entertainment and amusement abounds at Renaissance festivals. Street performers mingle amongst the crowds showing off their individual talents. Jugglers, musicians, magicians and many others compete for an audience of curious fairgoers. In addition to the street performers, artisans offer entertainment by creating their goods and then selling what they’ve made at the fair. Pottery, weaving, painting and even blacksmithing are popular artistic endeavors at the fairs. Battle tournaments, such as jousting, are also popular events at the fairs. Shakespearean-like plays are often performed as well. Basically, all entertaining aspects of medieval life are put on display at Renaissance Fairs.

    The employees of fairs go into character from the first day of the festival until the last stand is taken down on the last day. They dress and act the part of a medieval lady or lad. Most fairs have a royal court and then peasants to follow the king and queen’s orders. The employees take their parts seriously and never break character.

    Food and drinks are two of the most important aspects of Renaissance Fairs. Beer flows like the moat around a medieval castle. Turkey legs are one of the more popular food types. There is nothing like barring your teeth into a hunk of turkey meat to celebrate another successful fair endeavor. Pig roasts are also popular food spectacles. Lots of meaty, hearty foods are sold and consumed. Patrons are not left hungry for more while eating at a Renaissance Fair.

    To close out the fair, most festivals hold a parade or closing festival to celebrate another successful year. The fair’s employees mingle with the crowd, allowing patrons to thank them for their entertainment and service as well as allowing the employees a time to say farewell to the friends they have made. This closing event depicts just how much the people who work the fairs love being a part of them and how much dedication they put into their performances every year.

    Florida’s Key Biscayne Festival begins January 15 and runs through January 23. This festival is one of the first in the United States for the 2011 season! Get your Renaissance gown and armor ready for another fun and successful Festival season!

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