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  • 5 Common Jobs of the Medieval Era

    Posted on December 14th, 2010 admin 2 comments

    Though the Middle Ages took place centuries ago, we still see and read about this important time in history today, mainly through films, theatre and written in books. This era took place between A.D. 500 to 1500 shortly after the dark ages (fall of the Roman Empire). There are still some unique medieval jobs that are still a hobby today. Here are some 5 common jobs of the middle ages:

    1.    Blacksmith – The blacksmith was one of the most popular jobs/trades an individual could have. Otherwise known as a “Smith”, their duties were to manufacture and sharpen tools that were common in that time period for example household wares like pots and pans, weapons, construction tools (that included the hammer, nails, locks and keys etc.). They also constructed armor based on what an officer official would tell him, this included breastplates, helmets, chainmail and gauntlets.

    2.    Cottars – One of the lowest ranking jobs commonly for peasantry was being a Cottar. The jobs that inquired a labor of a Cottar were construction jobs, a prison guard or a farmer. These jobs paid very little but called for a lot of work, Cottars would often die from disease and infections.

    3.    Falconer – The Falconer was a fascinating job, which over time had been taken over by technology. This occupation was to be paid for breeding and training falcons for sport and also communication, these birds would send notes across distant lands to stay in touch with allies and foes. Falconry was a hunting sport that falconers would often show off his success with the bird in front of Kings and Queens.

    4.    Porter – The Porters main responsibility was to be Keeper of the doors in a Castle. If you were a porter your main objective was to guard the doors or gates at the main entrance of the Castle and would check visitors in and out of the Castle. The porter would also watch over the guardrooms to make sure no one was stealing any of the weapons, and would check to see if everything was functioning as ordered by the King.

    5.    Barber – During the Middle Ages this title was much different from what we know to be a barber today. Though there were some similarities to this job for example giving an individual a haircut, the barber would have multiple duties this included being a dentist when someone needed work done to their teeth as well as a surgeon for someone who was sick and was in need for a cure/remedy. Being a barber meant the practice of many subjects which included the study of supplements for “potion” remedies and the famous “bloodletting”, which was the practice of bleeding out an infection which was caused by “bad blood” this work would require, believe it or not, leeches. Good luck at your next haircut visit!

    So these were just some of the wonderful paying jobs found during the middle ages. So remember if you complain that your job sucks, just remember these 5 jobs and I’m sure your day well be just fine.


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    1. Wow thank you for this this is amazing I needed to find something like this for my school paper :D

    2. This was helpful but can you tell what more jobs in the middle ages were, a bigger list would be even more helpful

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