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  • King Arthur, Knights of the Round Table

    Posted on June 3rd, 2009 admin No comments

    King Arthur accepted the idea for of his Round Table in order to keep his knights from fighting with each other for social status at a table.  Its concept is simple, at a round table, no one is at the head and therefore all are equal.  The idea for the table came as a result of a Yuletide feat brawl which brought dishonor to the knights.  A local Cornish carpenter suggested to King Arthur that he have a round table, large enough for all the knights to sit around without fighting for status. Arthur agreed to the idea and his table was created.  After that, no quarrels occurred over status and meetings could be held with a professional air. 

    A brotherhood was created amongst the Knights of the Round Table in an extra attempt to keep peace between them.  Each knight had to take the oath of honor and duty which bound him to the service of his brothers whenever they may be in need.  There were no strict rules to join this brotherhood; the individual just had to be a part of King Arthur’s court.

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