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  • Medieval Armor, Different types, Uses

    Posted on November 18th, 2010 admin No comments

    During a time where hand to hand combat was no option, armor was needed to keep a warrior safe from damage. In the middle ages weapons such as spears, arrows and swords were common, so there had to be some kind of armor to keep the soldier safe, medieval armor was first just padded garments and chainmail that would later be overcome with full suits of armor. Full suits of armor were later developed for more lethal weapons that were introduced during a violent period. Knight armor was very expensive to produce so it was only given to those who were more qualified than the rest. The suit of armor would consist of a chainmail under garment and gorget neck armor. Arm and leg armor would also be a part of a full set of armor because it provided protection to the most vital parts, the arms and the legs, gauntlets would also help because these gloves would keep hands safe and would also provide a good grip to the sword or other weapon. Finally the knight would be completed with a breast plate that covered the upper torso of the body, for the lower body an armor skirt called a “tasset” would be provided. The helmet was also a key piece to wear during battle because the soldiers head is what’s most vulnerable to the enemy.  There are many different types of body armor worldwide so there are in fact hundreds of armor styles, which during the Middle Ages armor was what entitled a knight.

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