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  • Our Medieval Adventure at Comic Con International, 2011

    Posted on August 8th, 2011 admin No comments


    San Diego’s Comic Con held true to the stories of wonder and amazement this year! Spectators came dressed in extraordinary costumes that made some look twice and others yell, “Hey! Can I get a picture with you?!” Checking out vendors from all over the globe just adds to the overall appeal of this convention.

    We were lucky to participate this year as volunteers throughout the Con. If you didn’t see us signing in vendors or helping people find their favorite booth, you may have picked up one of the Medieval Costumes and Gifts flyers at the Freebies Table. Be sure to use the special promo code offered on the flyer to receive 25% off your next purchase! Get your costume ready for next year’s Comic Con so you don’t end up as yet another cardboard samurai (although some of those costumes were pretty impressive)!

    New customers, be sure to “follow” us on Twitter “like” us on Facebook for updates and more special offers! Make sure you check out for all your Medieval and Fantasy needs!

  • Keep an Eye out for Medieval Costumes and Gifts at San Diego Comic Con 2011

    Posted on July 15th, 2011 admin No comments

    Comic Con Logo

    Comic Con International is one of the largest events held in San Diego during the month of July. This convention is a non profit organization dedicated to teaching the history and art that surrounds the comic book culture.

    Expect to see much more this year at Comic Con now that it has expanded to more of a pop culture audience, which includes popular television shows and films. The con is also now famous for it’s many unique and exotic venders from all over North America including the rest of the world and possibly even Middle Earth (a little Lord of the Rings reference). Comic Con’s also known for it’s part in the Will Eisner Awards that are rewarded to many comic book writers, illustrators, film directors and actors. So if you ever want to go on vacation in San Diego Be sure to go in Mid July So you can Catch this amazing event that happens once a year, but hurry and buy your tickets for next year because they do go fast!

    Medieval Costumes and Gifts will also be at Comic Con for this year of 2011, handing out fliers with a special promotional offer just for Comic Con attendees, so be sure to keep an eye out when circling the freebie table, please feel free to view this press release for more information.

  • The Pop Culture World in 2011 Renaissance Faires, Cons, Events and More

    Posted on January 4th, 2011 admin No comments

    Well its a brand new year and there is now a whole summer of conventions and Renaissance fairs awaiting you! The year 2011 will be an exciting year for pop culture as the society around it grows. The world famous Comic Con returns to San Diego, be prepared for more films, comics, gameplay and FREE STUFF that will have you drooling for more! If you wish to dress up in an amazing suit of armor, be sure to enroll for the Masquerade Ball at Comic Con! Besides Comic Con there are other conventions too that are popular to the pop culture society like Wonder Con (Which is basically a smaller version of Comic Con) or Dragon*Con which also has a large base of fandoms, fan groups and sub cultures as a following! So be sure to check out those Cons as well if you are the annual convention goer.

    Not big on conventions? Well don’t worry because aside from conventions there are tons of medieval based events that will be storming the castle this year of 2011. Renaissance Festivals and fairs are BIG within the LARP, SCA and medieval acting/roleplay community and as far as this year goes for Renaissance fairs it is sure to bring more of the pop culture feel! Clash swords with other brave warriors, be knighted by a King and eat a feast that includes turkey legs right from the bone! Here are some popular Renaissance faires that will begin really soon so be sure to check out The Robin Hood Springtime Festival, The Annual Escondido Renaissance Faire and The Official Arizona Renaissance Festival…and much more, for more fair news and updates just follow the ArmorHelmet on twitter!

    Here are some things you should be aware of if you are attending a Fair or Convention for the first time (mainly for the convention goer);

    1.) You are about to attend a con dressed in "normal" attire, you will see others dressed in costume of their favorite character from a fantasy or such, this is called "Cosplay".

    2.) If you are a very claustrophobic individual, then be prepared for a LARGE crowd, conventions can get very crowded, so be aware that you will most likely have to push your way through the mass flow of people so you can make it to your destination.

    3.) Because of reason 2, Lines are also very common (very long lines) so be sure to bring that PSP or SmartPhone of yours to help pass the time.

    4.) Be sure to Bring a Lunch! Convention food isnt all that great (it’s awful).

    5.) No matter the circumstance your there to have FUN!!

    For more information be sure to check out our upcoming Press Releases regarding this subject matter, and if you are having trouble finding a costume, leave it to Medieval Costumes & Gifts we will hook you up! Also be sure to follow us on twitter and Facebook for the latest updates! See you there!

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