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  • Keep an Eye out for Medieval Costumes and Gifts at San Diego Comic Con 2011

    Posted on July 15th, 2011 admin No comments

    Comic Con Logo

    Comic Con International is one of the largest events held in San Diego during the month of July. This convention is a non profit organization dedicated to teaching the history and art that surrounds the comic book culture.

    Expect to see much more this year at Comic Con now that it has expanded to more of a pop culture audience, which includes popular television shows and films. The con is also now famous for it’s many unique and exotic venders from all over North America including the rest of the world and possibly even Middle Earth (a little Lord of the Rings reference). Comic Con’s also known for it’s part in the Will Eisner Awards that are rewarded to many comic book writers, illustrators, film directors and actors. So if you ever want to go on vacation in San Diego Be sure to go in Mid July So you can Catch this amazing event that happens once a year, but hurry and buy your tickets for next year because they do go fast!

    Medieval Costumes and Gifts will also be at Comic Con for this year of 2011, handing out fliers with a special promotional offer just for Comic Con attendees, so be sure to keep an eye out when circling the freebie table, please feel free to view this press release for more information.

  • Tips on Cleaning that Medieval Footwear

    Posted on February 4th, 2011 admin No comments


    While we all know that it’s a lot more fun to collect your medieval collectibles than it is to clean them, it’s still important to make sure it gets done. A good way to make sure that they get cleaned regularly is to write out a schedule so you’ll know when it needs to be done. Keeping your collectibles clean and in showcase condition will help them to last much longer. While you’ll find a lot of information on the right way to clean helmets, shields and medieval swords, it’s hard to find a lot of details on medieval shoe cleaning. This article was written expressly to help you learn how to keep your medieval collectibles look their very best from your helmet to your footwear. We will even provide you with the information you need to know where you can go to purchase new medieval boots and shoes.

    But before we get to that, you should write out a cleaning schedule for your collectibles. You may need to clean your footwear very often, depending on how it is displayed in your collection. For example, if you store your medieval footwear in a glass display case, you won’t have to clean it as often as you would if they were stored in another way. You should try to clean your medieval collectible items about 3-4 times each year in order to keep them looking their best. Obviously, that cleaning rule would have to be changed depending upon your situation.

    Once you decide upon a schedule that works for you, you should then think about the type of footwear you have in your collection. This is important because you will need to clean leather materials differently than you would clean metal footwear or other materials. For example, your metal medieval shoe or boot collectibles should only be cleaned with a special oil or wax. If you have any leather pieces in your collection, you’ll need to use a special cleaner and preserver to clean it properly. Never use a wire brush or other type of rough cleaning tool on any type of footwear as they can become damaged very easily. Keep all of your footwear away from water as it will cause a lot of damage to both leather and steel collectibles.

    Start your very own medieval collection now at Medieval Costumes & Gifts, nobody can compare to our prices!

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