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  • Our Medieval Adventure at Comic Con International, 2011

    Posted on August 8th, 2011 admin No comments


    San Diego’s Comic Con held true to the stories of wonder and amazement this year! Spectators came dressed in extraordinary costumes that made some look twice and others yell, “Hey! Can I get a picture with you?!” Checking out vendors from all over the globe just adds to the overall appeal of this convention.

    We were lucky to participate this year as volunteers throughout the Con. If you didn’t see us signing in vendors or helping people find their favorite booth, you may have picked up one of the Medieval Costumes and Gifts flyers at the Freebies Table. Be sure to use the special promo code offered on the flyer to receive 25% off your next purchase! Get your costume ready for next year’s Comic Con so you don’t end up as yet another cardboard samurai (although some of those costumes were pretty impressive)!

    New customers, be sure to “follow” us on Twitter “like” us on Facebook for updates and more special offers! Make sure you check out for all your Medieval and Fantasy needs!

  • Winslowshire Festival for the Animals

    Posted on May 10th, 2011 admin 1 comment

    Need to find a renaissance fair that is fun for the whole family, especially for the kids? Well The Winslowshire Festival for the Animals is back, this fair really needs our help, with over 300 to 350 abused and abandoned animals, the Winslow Farm Animal Sanctuary takes care of these animals, providing them with food, shelter and love.

    The Festival started in 2008 with 16 vendors and 10 performers and won 3rd place best new Renaissance Festival from Renaissance Festival Music Podcast.

    it than grew in 2009 with 45 vendors and 20 performers and won 2nd place best New Renaissance Festival from Renaissance Festival Music Podcast.

    Than finally last year of 2010 they also had 45 vendors and 20 performers and as a small renaissance festival that is only one weekend they still have momentum by having over 1000 fans on their Facebook page.

    This coming June will be from 11 am to 5 pm per day and the tickets are just $12 for adults and $7 for kids with some special discounts that are located on our website at – also be sure to take a gander on their blog for more information in regards to that festival at

    Support this fair by simply attending and having fun, all the money and proceeds help benefit the Winslow Farm Animal Sanctuary. Winslowshire Festival for the Animals is going to be on June 25th and 26th of 2011 at 37 Eddy Street, Norton, MA 02766.

    (Photos belong to Winslowshire Festival for the Animals)

  • LARP Alliance Fundraiser Event

    Posted on March 24th, 2011 admin No comments

    If you enjoy LARP or just fund-raisers in general and are located near Huntington Beach, CA, feel free to visit and participate in "The Gathering 11′ – Fund-raiser Event" presented by LARP ALLIANCE. Enjoy different Vendors, food, games and prizes! We were happy to donate a Roman Imperial Helmet to sponsor this event. The fun all begins Sunday April 3, 2011, 10:00 AM at Huntington Beach Central Park. This event is to help benefit those who were affected by a recent accident that occurred while traveling to a LARP event. LARP ALLIANCE hopes to raise the necessary money to cover for lost equipment, possessions and overages (medical bills that were not covered by insurance.) to the victims.

    If you are interested in helping this organization or are interested in attending the event, please review their website for more information.

    All of us at Medieval Costumes and Gifts would like to wish LARP ALLIANCE all the best with their event.

  • The Crafty Weapons of the Medieval Knight

    Posted on March 22nd, 2011 admin No comments

    Medieval Knights had to use different weapons for different tasks. If they were engaged in ground combat, they needed one set of tools and if they were on their horses charging toward an opposing knight or enemy, then they would need an entirely different weapon. Each weapon had a specific purpose. Different stages or phases of battle required different weapons. So knights needed an arsenal of weapons. As one example, when knights are engaged in combat on the ground, they typically made use of the poleax. The poleax was so lethal, in fact, that even body armor was not enough protection. The poleax could slice right through the body armor and penetrate flesh. With its wooden handle and heavy metal head, the knight’s mace could fell an enemy knight from his horseback. With its protruding metal edges, a flanged mace would allow the knight to dent or even penetrate an enemy knight’s armor.

    The sword was an important piece of equipment. This long metal weapon had a cross-guard for the protection of the knight carrying it. This prevented the knight’s hand from sliding down the blade and cutting himself. The blade on the sword was sharp as a razor. The length of the sword allowed the knight to keep distance between himself and his enemy. However, when in close quarters, the knight employed his dagger for stabbing and thrusting his enemy. When the battle wore into a heat, the knight on the ground could get far more use and efficacy from his dagger than his sword. The lance is a popular weapon and we’ve all seen pictures of the knight on his horse with his lance. This long, wooden weapon sported a very sharp metal point. The lance’s design is based upon the spear. When knights rode on horseback against other knights, they needed their lance. This was a necessary weapon for combat via horseback. As the knight rode directly toward his enemy, he extended his lance in front of him in an effort to knock his enemy from his horse.

    The Medieval Knight would be nothing without his sword. Be fully prepared for battle with one of our steel blades! Only at Medieval Costumes and Gifts!

  • Starting a Medieval Armor Collection

    Posted on February 1st, 2011 admin No comments

    Choosing the right kind of armor to fit your needs can be stressful and confusing. There are many different eras of armor and styles. Popular armor collections are often based on Medieval, Roman or Greek styles.

    The first thing to do to start off your collection is to determine what era and style of armor you are looking for. If you want it all, that makes the collection easier. If you want a specific era and specific style, pinpoint it at the beginning.
    Also, at the beginning of the collection process, it is good to determine what pieces of the armor you are looking to collect. Decide if you want the full armor with helmet, chest plate, gloves, shoes, arm and leg guards or just bits and pieces to display separately.

    When determining which pieces of armor you wish to purchase, keep in mind your possible display space. If you are in a studio apartment, an entire Roman Knight may not fit. A few helmets displayed on the fireplace mantel may work better. Shields and breast plates can always be hung on the wall to conserve floor display areas.

    If your armor collection is going to be used as costume pieces, then you will also want to consider the sizing of the armor before purchasing it. Most places, including, offer sizing information for their products.
    If you are not looking to use your armor as costume pieces, you may also be interested in miniature versions of the armor. These will save space in your display area and often offer as many details as the full-sized replicas.

    Do your research before spending your cash. Many places offer replica armor. Some of this replica armor is battle-approved. Some armor is purely only meant for costume or display purposes. Depending on what you plan on using your armor for, make sure you are aware of the differences.

    Armor collections are a unique and growing interest. Armor helmets make for interesting display pieces. Researching the history behind helmet styles will make your collection even more interesting to visitors. Having a plan when starting your collection will benefit how it turns out in the end.

    Most of all have fun when planning your collection! There are tons of different options for armor. Be aware of what you are looking for and enjoy the new pieces!

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