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  • The Medieval Knights Plate Armor

    Posted on January 31st, 2011 admin No comments

    You can see similarities to plate armor in the natural world, it very much resembles the exoskeleton you will find on many insects. It is designed to defend your squishy innards against attack. In medieval times there were numerous different kinds of armor all designed for various circumstances. You could have some that would protect you well against projectile attacks such as bow and arrows or crossbows, while there were others that were better for protection against swords and the like.

    Plate armor would come in various segments all designed to protect different areas of a human, it was not only about breastplate armor. There were also gauntlets that would defend against attacks to the wrists and hands. The trick was making armor that could hold up against a sword blow but still be mobile enough to allow the knight a fair degree of movement with which to fight. Knights had to have gauntlets that they could make a fist with in order to carry a sword or other weapon.

    The danger of having a limb hacked off was always a fear for every knight. This is why the limbs also got attention, with armor designed to cover the arms and legs. Even what appears to be a small cut today could be deadly back then thanks to the chance of infection, let alone if you were to lose a limb. This is why knights gave special attention to these areas because they were the most at risk.

    The cuirass is the most popular and well know kind of plate armor, otherwise called the breastplate. The cuirass was more than just protection while in battle. Many knights would still wear their breastplate even when not in a conflict. They were decorated as such that they showed off your heritage and standing while they were also helpful in case you were attacked for any reason. The famous Richard The Lionheart had a lovely piece of breastplate armor. Just wearing a cuirass could make thieves think twice about attacking you, not just because you had protection but because it showed you came from a family with influence.

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